Elven wizard


Fenris is one of the Three, triplet brothers faithful to Deathstalker Saggoth. Fenris is a wizard, preternaturally gifted in in the dark arts. The party first encounters Fenris when he arrives at the Dragon’s tower seeking the whereabouts of his brother, Elodin. He wears richly embroidered robes and has long glossy black hair that falls to the small of his back. He seems to dislike being wet or dirty, and comports himself with a measure of disgust at all times – at least as far as you can tell.

The party encounters Fenris for a second time in the Underdark. He and his brother Shadrack were performing a ritual the transformed the Academy initiates into wraiths, apparently to use as generals of Shadrack’s undead army. At first, Fenris fought alongside Shadrack but soon fled, leaving Shadrack at the mercy of the adventurers.


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