The party first encountered R’ztar when they mistakenly wandered into her territory on their way through the Underdark. Sensing the beings were not like the other topworlders that had been infiltrating the drow’s domain of late, R’ztar did not attack and instead inquired about their purpose. Alhazred explained that they were in the Underdark on a mission to rescue Academy initiates from the clutches of the Three. R’ztar explained that the Three had also become her enemy when they had kidnapped the new drow princess after a faction led by Priestess Lohesh had made a deal with the Three to offer them resources in exchange for granting them political power.

R’ztar requested the help of the party to free her princess, a deed that could allow her to get back into the good graces of her society. An ex-priestess, R’ztar had been cast out when she failed the trials to become a High Priestess of Lolth and had been turned into a drider as punishment. Now, her outsider status had helped her to observe the events that were unfolding with the Three and she had a plan.

The adventurers agree to help R’ztar and they went into battle together. After defeating Shadrack, the party managed to free the Academy initiates as well as the drow princess.



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